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Runmageddon Warsaw – definitely worth mentioning!


In 2017, I had the pleasure to join the RUNMAGEDDON ‘Centrala’ team. It sounds original, because it was original, and the course of events which can even be called – ‘Hardcore’.

I am completing this entry at the beginning of 2020, as some time must have passed before the emotions subsided, but as of today I consider this event to be the best vocational training!

Back then, I was an event director, a freelancer, a kind of a franchise deal. You have the title but how you will use it and where, depends only on you. Never in my life had I thought that with such small means, you can realize such an event. I’m grateful to President Jarosław Bieniecki for the green light. I consider working with the Warsaw Greenery Management, animal protectors, anti-terrorists, City Hall, Wawer District Office and the Crisis Management Center to be a huge event experience.

I had the great pleasure to become the Director of Warsaw Runmageddon:




Organize training with anti-terrorists

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