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Motocross – ‘entrance’ to the world of motor sports

Motocross is a very niche and specific sports discipline in Poland, but at the same time it gives great career opportunities to every professional in the automotive world.

This form of racing takes place on specially prepared tracks located all over Poland, and it is very popular both, regionally and nationally.

Motocross is considered to be the basis for preparations to enter the world of motor sports. Each of the speedway riders or racing drivers practiced on motocross tracks, but unfortunately, due to low popularity of this discipline, it is difficult to find sponsors who would invest in its development among children and young people.

Polish Automobile and Motorcycle Federation, in cooperation with PKN Orlen coordinated the Polish Championships and the Polish Cup for the third season in a row. It is my great pleasure to run this project and support the development of children and youth, while observing and learning safety rules on off-road tracks.


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