The magic of athletics – if you haven’t watched it live, you will understand it. – SmartMotion

The magic of athletics – if you haven’t watched it live, you will understand it.

Everyone who has ever trained athletics knows, how much competition this discipline is about. Each sportsperson requires different preparation, different training and experience. Athletics is not a football, volleyball or an ice-skating team. It combines running, walking, throwing, jumping and all-around events. Sprint and long distance running or shot put are very different from a discus throw, yet they are still called technique competitions. A jump is a jump, but one is long and the other with a pole…

Why such an introduction? To understand that:

  • Only enthusiasts work with athletics,
  • Many former sportsmen work with athletics,
  • Too many possibilities for making a mistake leave no room for amateurs.

The above-listed arguments explain why, in order to show an athletics event on TV, you need very detailed camera plans, knowledge, experience and a team of at least 60 people. As a former athlete, who experienced all this stress, emotions and hard training, I know how many facts we need to combine in a few-hour transmission. Sometimes a transmission of a 100 m run gives us less than 9 seconds to express all the emotions and show a summary of former events, which led the competitors to where they are now.

Below you can find some of the events, which I worked on as a Production Manager of the TVP SPORT Editorial Team.

These were the most important ones but at the same time most difficult:

European Athletics Team Championships Bydgoszcz 2019


Memorial of Kamila Skolimowska and Memorial of Janusz Kusociński 2018 and 2019 – Events at the Silesian Stadium in Chorzów


Lodz – Orlen CUP 2019 – TVP SPORT 2019 production team





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