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From a voluntary worker to the manager -> mission: sport

Studies, learning, passion, work and everyday life – everything is about sport to me. I practiced athletics for a few years, I am a technical basketball referee and a snowboard instructor. I graduated from Józef Piłsudski University of Physical Education in Warsaw and Sports Journalism at Warsaw University, which resulted in my further education. Everything began with internships and apprenticeships, as there is no better way to gain professional experience.

Many people ask me where to start, where to apply for internships. First, you need to use your own experience and start following your dreams, so I think that the best option is a voluntary service of your chosen industry. Below you can find some examples of the sports industry.

Eurobasket  – my task -> the team leader of the British team. My first adventure with the voluntary service resulted in a six-year cooperation with the Polish Basketball Association and the national exam for Technical Referee.


Basketball and athletics have always been the most important for me, they have accompanied me since primary school. Every opportunity to gain experience was invaluable. The volunteer’s greatest privilege is the opportunity to be in every sector of the event. Once more involved, more volunteering gets more responsible positions. During several years of volunteering and internship, you can learn how to properly conduct each event. This is not a paid job, but the greatest professional experience. No studies, workshops, books or courses teach as much as practice reads.



Another example of how to use the study period to develop passion and catching experience are sports camps seeking pilots for sport trips. There is a lot of this on the market, for which I invested strength and willingness in AZS Warsaw University of Technology.

The effect was that after 8 years of snowboarding I made Snowboard Instructor papers and spent 5 winters in resorts in the Alps. It is an excellent experience when organizing winter outdoor events. All Academic AZS are the best place to choose the direction of professional and personal development. They teach responsibility, discipline, commitment and work without financial effect.

Another example of internship and apprenticeship was the successful internship program for „tvp sport apprentice” with knowledge of athletics. What did this result in? Being an informer in a sports studio during the most important sporting event in the world of sport! Olympics. As of today -> being a TVP SPORT Broadcast Production Manager.


Nowadays, nobody wants to do anything for free, but everyone wants to be the Director of all Directors. Each job requires experience, knowledge, completed selected universities, knowledge of languages, but above all familiarity with the topic we will be dealing with. You can’t be a good event boss if you were in every group that he manages.

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