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Speedway Grand Prix – in Warsaw?

Speedway Grand Prix – in Warsaw?

You hear „speedway” – you think Zielona Góra, Gorzów, Toruń, Leszno….

You hear „speedway” – definitely not in Warsaw

You hear „speedway” – What? Speedway at the National Stadium? Someone must have lost their mind…

Yes, the President of Polish Automobile and Motorcycle Federation Mr. Andrzej Witkowski went crazy. PAMF, taking part in the competition to organize the World Speedway Championships round and submitting documents to IMF (International Motorcycle Federation), suggested throwing the event at our new, clean, and the largest National football Stadium in the country. After the BSI’s visit, PAMF got the green light and in 8 months a small but determined group of people prepared a round of the Speedway World Championships in Warsaw. 2015, many months of work, promotion, and novelty (in Poland, we like sport, an unusual breath of freshness – we are not so conservative at all) resulted in 54 thousand tickets sold within 48 hours.


Now, in 2020, for the sixth time we will be working with the same team on organization of the World Championship round. Once again with the stadium full to the brim.

Let it be our secret how it works but I am very proud to find myself among the greatest event managers at the SGP „Command Center” at the National Stadium.

PAMF and Ekstraliga – thank you for your trust, thanks to „the SGP at the National Stadium” I know that the world full of events, motorization and adrenaline is my vocation.

A few pictures of a six-year cooperation with the SGP at the National Stadium and my “making of” from 2018 : ) -> by gimbal GOPRO https://vimeo.com/manage/269698242/general



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