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Seefeld FIS Nordic World Ski Championships

Seefeld, a small town located 20 km from Austrian Innsbruck. Mecca for winter sports, scenic cross-country ski runs and two excellent ski jumps. If it was not enough for someone, on the other side of Innsbruck there is a beautifully located large ski jump overlooking the entire valley – Bergisel!


The competitor sitting on the start bar does not know whether to focus on completing the task or to admire a breathtaking view.

In winter of 2019, I had a great pleasure of becoming the Production Manager of the Seefeld 2019 project. We produced tv signals of ski jumping and cross-country tracks for TVP and TVP Sport. Two months of preparations from Poland and 3 weeks in Austria – this was our championship adventure in a group of 35 specialists.

We ordered transmission signals, chose competitions, arranged all the logistics of the trip, took the equipment, selected people and built our small destination base in Austria. Big applause for our friend and technician Zbyszek, as putting it all together and sending signals to Poland without any asynchrony wasn’t easy.


Our command center was at Media Center Seefeld, a studio under the hill, while the hotel was 40 km away, in Innsbruck.

Saying that we spent half of the trip in a car would not be an exaggeration. Such trips can only be successful, if you have an idea and a good plan. You cannot forget to take the equipment, fail to plan preparation time or the number of people involved in the project.

No words can describe how important, eye-opening, difficult, mobilizing and humble this project was. There was no room for a slightest mistake. Traveling abroad requires an organized and well-coordinated team. I believe that we me the challenge and completed the plan in 100%.


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